Today we are going to look at my 8 Adobe Illustrator tips with this video on graphic design hacks and Illustrator tips that will help you to use Illustrator like a boss! My Adobe Illustrator tips are not too conventional and most are lesser known hacks to most people. As a graphic designer these Adobe Illustrator hacks and tips will really help your workflow and you will know how to use Adobe Illustrator like a boss.

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500 Designs That Matter – The Book

Skip to 0:54 to bypass the intro

1:34 – Kerning Time Saver
2:09 – Keyboard Hack For Editing Paths
2:54 – Selecting The Same Colour
3:30 – The Shift Key
4:07 – Specific Colour Swatches
4:56 – Spell Checker
5:34 – Vector Freebies


I am willing to be that you either do not use all 8 of these Adobe illustrator graphic design tips and hacks, or you do not know about all 8. This is why I am sharing them today in a bid to help you use Illustrator like a boss. Let me know which hacks for Illustrator you already knew, and maybe if you have forgotten them or don’t find them helpful in your graphic design workflow. I am curious and interested to hear of your opinions 🙂

If this video is well received then I will make a sequel to it with yet more Adobe Illustrator graphic design hacks, I am sure there are many more hacks for Illustrator that I can share with my viewers and subscribers, and I like the fact that Youtube allows people to pass on important skills and knowledge to help others. So if you do want to see more hacks for Illustrator then let me know in the comments section and we will maybe continue this ‘how to use Adobe Illustrator like a boss’ theme!

Did you find my video on 8 Adobe Illustrator graphic design tips and hacks helpful and or interesting? I hope it has helped my viewers to use Illustrator like a boss and maybe improve your graphic design output a little bit!

Any ideas for future videos?? Comment in the comment section and I will look into it.

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