Adding Graphic Elements to Your Photos with Cyn Lagos – 1 of 2

Want to repurpose some of your photos? Learn how to combine photography and graphic design with visual storyteller Cyn Lagos on Adobe Live! This week, Cyn will share her full process for creating collages and posters based on a collection of her photos using Photoshop. Using masking, blending, and creating a layout design, watch along as Cyn adds graphic design elements to her photos using her CC library. Stick around for day 2 and watch her animate the photos using After Effects!

Guest Cyn Lagos is a Latin American visual storyteller with a focus on multi-diverse digital expressions; Street Photography, Graphic Design, and immersive technology, based in TX:

Host Kieron Lewis is a freelance graphic designer based in London, UK:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
00:45 Introduction
02:14 Cyn’s introduction and work
09:52 Today’s theme
17:40 Live Streaming on Behance
21:00 Setting up a document and artboards
26:44 Transforming and arranging images
28:42 Cyn’s skillshare class
35:45 Selecting and masking
38:55 Cyn’s background
42:22 Adding and editing text
52:35 Magic wand tool
57:35 Masking with a soft brush
1:04:14 Adobe stock
1:08:00 The animation
1:13:30 Blending modes
1:20:05 Selecting with the pen tool
1:37:54 Building a portfolio
1:41:25 Publishing your work
1:43:37 Cyn’s website


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