Accessible London: creating inclusive spaces

London needs to be accessible and inclusive for all its citizens and visitors, yet there are so many barriers that inhibit access across the city. There are 14.1 million disabled people in the UK, the built environment has a responsibility to ensure equal access to the city – regardless of age, mobility or ability – to share in its public spaces and facilities, its highstreets and transport services, its homes, workplaces and cultural offers. To achieve this, the built environment industry itself must be representative of the diverse communities it serves, and work with the public to create the necessary changes.

What would a truly accessible city look, feel and sound like? In this webinar we explore the projects, the policies and the research that are helping to shape a better London. What makes a city inclusive and accessible? What good practice examples are there across London, and what cities can London learn from? What are the key policies that specifically promote inclusive access to the built environment for deaf and disabled people? How can we plan, design and build an accessible London? How will a representative industry aid in the creation of inclusive spaces?

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