Abel Maciel, The World of Data: The Architecture of Instant Information

The World of Data: The Architecture of Instant Information

To fully grasp the impact of the new data revolution, it is worth taking a holistic view of Industry 4.0. Previous revolutions were erratically distributed across the world, with change taking years or decades before affecting communities.
In today’s industrial revolution we have almost instantaneous knowledge-driven dissemination. This is a socio-technological phenomenon with effects yet to be understood and, needless to say, controlled. It is expected that the fourth industrial revolution will transform the world with a far higher speed, scope and impact than any previous technological revolution we have experienced.
In this presentation, Dr Abel Maciel discusses the new data revolution and how it is set to disrupt how we create, sustain and transform our built environment.

Abel Maciel, Principal, Design Computation

Chair: Jeremy Melvin, Curator, World Architecture Festival

Source by World Architecture Festival

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