A.UD Lecture Series 2014-2015: Loris Rossi

UCLA A.UD Lecture: January 30, 2015

Loris Rossi
Head of applied research IKZH Research Institute at POLIS University; Technical Director of Metropolis Office, Tirana, Albania

Loris Rossi’s research interests lie at the intersection of contemporary design theory and applied design. In the specific, considering the context of the country where he currently teaches (Albania), his academic role is focused on the research of design processes in informal urban settlements, in the relationship between informality and intermodality. His research contribution is to investigate, through the new contemporary paradigm, how to activate creative processes by applying specific tooling and design tools, to enrich design technology both in teaching processes and in design practice.

Rosi was awarded a PhD scholarship in Architectural Composition and Theory at “La Sapienza”. He developed part of his PhD dissertation research at the UCLA Architecture and Urban Design in Los Angeles. Previously he was an adjunct professor at the Five Year Master course in Architecture EU of “La Sapienza”. Since October 2011 he has been a full time professor at the POLIS University in Tirana (Alabania where from 2012-2013 he was Dean of faculty in Planning and Urban Design.

Currently he is the PhD program supervisor for the international joint PhD in architecture and urban planning with Ferrara University (IT)/POLIS University, head of applied research (IKZH Institute) and technical director of Metropolis office L.T.D. at POLIS University in Tirana, Albania.



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