A.UD Lecture Series 2013-2014: Greg Howes

UCLA A.UD Lecture Series
January 6, 2014

Greg Howes
Seattle, Washington

Greg Howes is a builder working at the intersection of digital fabrication and the rapidly emerging real-time, immersive web. This presentation will showcase project examples using these cutting-edge building systems with a focus on wood-framed and high-performance structures.

Technology-driven design and fabrication processes are used on a growing number of the world’s most complex and high-performance buildings. Using innovative hardware and software for interactive 3D, Greg Howes and Damon Hernandez will demonstrate how immersive design-to-fabrication applications enable multiple users to design collaboratively and explore cnc fabrication ready building information model data in real-time 3D.

Culture of IDEAS Series

Organized by Professor Greg Lynn, the Culture of IDEAS Lecture Series will show that an engagement with popular and commercial culture combined with a specific critical vision yields not only culturally relevant design work, but more importantly, creative and innovative design. By focusing on contemporary issues of experience, technology, craft, urbanism or commerce the role of the architect is expanded and empowered in new ways by these lecturers. Presenters will return to UCLA in June to participate in our annual RUMBLE symposium


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