A Pre-Fabricated House in Australia’s Most Remote and Harsh Landscape (House Tour)

Traditionally, homes and pre-fabricated house’s situated in the Australian landscape relied upon an imported architectural design from Europe, imposing on the landscape and unsuitable for the rural living experience. Courtyard House is a pre-fabricated house by CHROFI that challenges this former standard, instead embracing the harshness of the Australian environment.

The home works quietly by blending into its environment. The modules that make up the structure stand side-by-side and are linked together by a central courtyard. This alters the home’s sense of space, as the views extend through the rooms in the pre-Fabricated house and then further out into the landscape, successfully connecting interior and exterior areas.

As a pre-Fabricated house, the materiality of the building was dictated by weight, as the house was transported to the site on the back of a truck. Building a pre-Fabricated house within a controlled off-site environment offers ability to speed up construction times and manage wastage.

As prefabricated houses are built under a roof offsite, the home itself is protected from the elements while vastly minimising the impact to the site. For Courtyard House, CHROFI was drawn to Australian hardwood for the primary cladding; its natural finish speaking to the surrounding landscape of gumtrees.

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Architecture and Interior Design by CHROFI Architects.
Build by FABPREFAB Pre-Fabricated Homes.
Photography by Clinton Weaver.
Filmed and Edited by Cheer Squad Film Co.
Production by The Local Project.

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