A Modern Farmhouse with an Intimate Interior (House Tour)

Hawkesbury Farm House by LiteraTrotta Architects is a modern farm house designed for a family of four that places equal weight on intimate interior spaces and appreciation of the outdoors. The design was conceived to provide a space in which they could grow up, embrace nature and have a refinement, sophistication and elegance in their day-to-day lives.

The house sits on an elevated site east of the river in Hawkesbury with views of the Blue Mountains in the distance. The architecture and interior design of the previous house did not fully live up to the potential evident in the site. The new design creates a modern farm house in which the views are fully embraced from the living spaces, both interior and exterior, and the private spaces are also catered for, with landscaped courtyards to ensure a sense of intimacy.

On entrance into the home, the view is not immediately revealed, but concealed behind a dynamic, curved timber screen which eventually gives way to the panoramic scenery.

With a material palette of natural timbers and steelwork, the house has a sense of robustness and rawness that is in keeping with the landscape but also contrasts with the curves and elegance of the interiors.

Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design by LiteraTrotta Architects.
Production by The Local Project.
Filmed by Cheer Squad Film Co.

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