A Modern Door Pull | Architecture & Design

This video is about a modern custom door pull. Today I’m going to show you a very unusual custom piece of hardware that I designed but before I do I’d like to mention that I’m doing a special Architects Academy over the next month or so. I’m adding one hour of my time on Skype for each person that signs up. So you sign up, and we can discuss anything school, career, college or architecture related. So Just go to www.architects.academy to sign up. Today I’m going to give you a quick glimpse of a very unique door pull. It’s not often that the architect gets lucky enough to design something like this. And although the final design wasn’t utilized, I’ll be sure to have it incorporated into another project down the road. Pocket doors need door pulls. Traditionally there are two types of pulls in a pocket door, both are recessed, or mortised. There’s the end pull which allows the door to be pulled from it’s opened position out of the door jamb. There’s also the flush pulls on both sides of the door which allows the door to be opened or closed once it’s out of the door jamb. For example, Rajack makes some very nice flush pull and end pull options. Joeb Moore’s office designed an elegant pull that serves all purposes seen here. Tom Kundig’s office designed a nice one as well. In my estimation Sugatsune makes some really elegant standard options that don’t need to be custom ordered. With all that in mind the client gave me a little leeway to design a custom door pull for a special door in the Master Bath and this was the design. It’s a single pull recessed into a 1 3/4” thk. door. It features and edge pull as well as a pull from each side. It’s essentially an art piece installed in a door. This was a prototype that, although quite costly proved how difficult the object is to make. In the end there were simply too many challenges to make this door pull for less than a few thousand dollars. So we went with the next best option which was a Sugatsune. And the result works quite nicely. I’m Doug Patt. We’ll see you next time.