A Concrete Dream Home in Australia’s Highest Rated Flame Zone (House Tour)

From its elevated position on the headland above Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Eagle’s Nest by Ian Bennett Design Studio is a concrete dream home which balances openness to the exceptional views of the ocean, headlands and Pittwater with a strong and grounded form that explores the nuanced qualities of concrete.

The experience within the concrete dream home is defined by two key elements – the expansive yet carefully curated views over the water and the coastline, and the concrete that encapsulates each space. While the architecture is first and foremost designed to capture the view, a different experience of the view is created over the two levels.

Downstairs, the panoramic view over the water is another reference to the central inspiration of Brazilian modernism, yet upstairs, where expansive stretches of glazing would be the most obvious response, Ian Bennett was conscious to offer a more nuanced and controlled experience of the views.

The commitment of all involved to the vision and integrity of the design of the home is palpable in the final result. From the deep and considered exploration of materials and contrast of concrete, to the uncompromising approach to overcoming challenge after challenge whilst maintaining the meticulous attention to every detail, Eagle’s Nest commits absolutely to the creation of a concrete dream home worthy of its truly unique site.

Production by The Local Project.
Video by Cheer Squad Film Co.

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