A Brand Refresh for a Jewelry Line with Hayley Fedders – 2 of 2

Tune in with graphic designer Hayley Fedders of Studio Seaside as she works on a brand refresh for Flaire Accessories – an affordable jewelry brand for fashion-forward Zillenials. In this two-part series, she’ll use Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to update the logos, identify new fonts, and create a new custom color palette. Don’t miss part 2 as Hayley creates mockups with her new designs and shares how she presents her work to clients!

Guest Hayley Fedders is a graphic designer and founder of Studio Seaside based in Carpinteria, CA: https://www.studioseaside.com/

Host Kieron Lewis is a freelance graphic designer based in London, UK: https://kieronlewis.com/

Check out Flaire Accessories: https://flaireaccessories.com/

Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/adobelive

00:00 Start
02:00 Intro of Hayley and recap of Day 1
05:20 Review of work done off stream
11:20 Where does Hayley find fonts?
14:40 Communicating timeframes with clients
18:20 How did Hayley’s client find her?
24:20 Advice for service pricing
27:45 Facing art block when on a tight deadline
36:20 Answering difficult client questions
39:40 Using the “Edit With” feature
42:00 What to do when a client has “bad” ideas
43:20 Design school VS self-teaching
53:00 Balancing a personal life with business life
55:50 Where does Hayley get her mockups?
01:13:40 Designing a business card
01:14:50 Does Hayley work with a style guide template?
01:15:50 Design classes Hayley recommends
01:18:30 Pitching only one concept to a client
01:20:00 Should you know all the Adobe Apps?
01:30:00 Artist spotlight
01:46:00 Recap of Day 1 and 2 work!


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