7 Architecture Facts pt.1 | Math, The Architect, Gable, & Plinth

This video is about the architect and his first title which was arkhitekton, or master builder; the gamble house in California designed by Greene and Greene was part of the arts and crafts movement in architecture; quoins—what they are and where they are found—it’s a stone or stone like projection at the corner of exterior walls; the gable roof which is a simple triangular form; how architects use math and the fact that they should be good at the subject simply because they deal with the cost of buildings; the architect and his job to conceive of buildings; and what the term plinth in architecture really means—a plinth is the base.



A video series about facts in architecture. The 15 second videos featured in the series are created by Doug and posted every day on his Instagram account @dougpatt.


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