404: Conversation Partners VS Service Providers with Balmiki Bhattacharya

This week, I’m speaking with NELSON Worldwide Vice President and Industrial Practice Leader, Balmiki Bhattacharya.

Balmiki heads NELSON’s Industrial practice from their office in Seattle where he’s responsible for integrating design programs, maximizing operations and investments, and also helping create a strategic, sustainable plan for the firm’s future.

Balmiki has had a very distinguished career with over two decades of experience in different leadership positions working at several organizations including MG2, CallisonRTKL, The Taubman Company, and Starbucks before joining NELSON.

In this episode, Balmiki provides insight on how a large practice like Nelson operates and the mechanisms that they have in place in terms of operations and business development. He also talks a bit about the many hats he wears as a practice leader and the skills essential in making that leap into a leadership position.

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