402: How to Dominate a Sector with Christopher Brandon

This week, I am speaking to Founder and President of Brandon Architects, Chris Brandon.

Chris founded Brandon Architects in 2009, specializing in high-end residential. He works on an incredible array of clientele, doing really extraordinary homes in California.

In this conversation, we discuss the early days of Chris’ practice, how he how he weathered the storm brought by recession in 2009 and grew his practice, the tale of bringing on those first employees, and how he was doing business development and client acquisition.

Then we discuss some of the innovations Chris has in the delivery of his projects, how he curates the client experience and ensures that he’s only involved where they need to be involved thus making their delivery process much more efficient and reducing the amount of scope creep.

We also discuss some of the leadership evolution that Chris has been going through, some of the work that we’ve been doing together on the SMART Practice program and of course Chris’ vision for 2022.

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