400: The Keys to Creating Enduring Client Relationships with David Shove-Brown and David Tracz

This week, I’m speaking with partners and best friends of 30 years, David Tracz and David Shove-Brown of //3877, a multi-disciplinary firm in Washington, DC that focuses on single-family, multiple-unit residential, commercial, restaurant, and hospitality projects

In the fall of 2010, they began the process of realizing their decades-old dream of forming a professional architecture + design partnership.

Through over two decades of experience, the duo developed goals of not only working with clients interested in the design process but also teaming with partners who can help provide the highest levels of design, construction, and presentation.

In this episode, both Davids walk us through their partnership, the early days of the business, the lessons they’ve learned starting out and whilst dealing with the pandemic, how they view sales vs business development, and how they nurture and build partnerships with their clients.

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