379: Creative Entrepreneurship with Maryline Damour

This week, we speak to Maryline Damour, the Co-founder of interior design and construction firm Damour Drake, who has an impressive portfolio of work ranging from Brooklyn lofts to even an 18th-century cathedral in Haiti, which has been damaged in the 2010 earthquake.

Maryline worked for many years in marketing and business development for firms such as Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC, and Accenture.

In this interview, we discuss how she’s been growing her firm. We also take a look at her initiative, the Kingston Design Connection, and its showcase project the Kingston Design House, which has brought together a community of fellow designers, makers, artists, and retailers who connect, promote, collaborate and support each other.

The Kingston Design Connection supports local businesses and is rapidly growing along with the annual Showhouse event, which is discussed in detail here.

Maryline shares a lot about her entrepreneurial methodologies and spirits.

Check out Maryline’s work with Damour Drake here: http://www.damourdrake.com/

To know more about the Kingston Design Connection visit: https://www.kingstondesignconnection.com/

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