360: Getting Out of Your Own Way with Ray Brown

Our guest this week is business coach and entrepreneur, Ray Brown.

For about 5 years, Ray has worked at CEO-level across six companies, including overseeing the sale of Scotland’s largest watercolor business Premier Water to global food giant Danone in 2005.

In late 2005, after moving to Australia with his family, he was selected to join the international business coaching organization, Shirlaws Group.

As a business coach of a number of different architectural practices based in Melbourne, Ray recognized there’s a significant gap in the education provided to architects around running a business. And obviously, as we know, there’s a lot of limited literature and resources available to support them in this role.

So Ray co-founded Archibiz, which is designed to help ambitious architects build profitable and sustainable businesses whilst doing great design. And Ray’s passion is helping business owners to realize their personal potential and that of their organization.

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