3 Things You Need To Learn In School

Not sure if you should stay in school or quit? Is School the best place to learn anymore? Before you quit or go to school, consider what I believe to be the most essential things you need to learn:

1. Public speaking
2. Learn how to learn (art of search)
3. Logic/reasoning

While on a trip to Taiwan, I sat down w/ cinematographer Eleanor Jiang and chatted about this topic and how to convince parents to allow you to drop out of school.

00:15 Should I drop out or quit school? What if I’m not getting good value relative to what I’m paying?
02:30 How can I convince my parents school is not right for me?
04:28 What skills do you look for when hiring?

Summary by Jesse Moore
Return to Your Origins – Go back to the beginning of your life to discover your natural inclination. Feed it and see what blooms. This is if you do not know what you want.
Rebel Against Others – Avoid the false path being laid before you by others and follow your true, current desire. This is important when you know what you want
Create a New Niche – What you enjoy may not exist yet. Create it. Whether it is completely changing your path to something new or introducing a brand new element into your current work, there are opportunities at the intersection of every discipline.

Mandarin subtitles provided by Eleanor Jiang

**Audio issues using lapel mic in ways it was not intended for.

Eleanor Jiang
Too Focused Productions

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