3 Projects that would not have been possible without BIM

3 Projects that would not have been possible without Building Information Modelling.

Find OneisToX’s Bim course here : https://www.oneistox.com/certified-courses/bim-building-information-modelling?utm_campaign=Influencer_Campaign_Apr_22&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=paidsocial&utm_content=BIM-Barch2gies

Building Information Modelling (BIM) the most in-demand specialisation in the AEC industry today. At present, 59% of firms state that they have openings for BIM Architects. This number is predicted to go up to 97% by 2025. 📈

However, there are very few avenues open to people who wish to learn BIM. Masters courses in BIM are hugely expensive and time consuming, and are only offered in a handful of universities. On the other hand, open-source learning platforms teach only the software, like Revit, but not the BIM processes or workflows. And none of these teach you how to go about building a successful BIM career.

Therefore, in an attempt to democratise knowledge especially wrt to online architecture courses, Oneistox has curated a ‘BIM Professional Course’ for architects and civil engineers.

The 6-month course involves online part-time study which not only helps you understand what is building information modeling but also equips learners with a holistic understanding of BIM processes and software knowledge. Taught by 15+ BIM experts from top-tier AEC firms worldwide like BIG, Prota, Cooper Carry, Unstudio to name a few, our BIM online course is offered at one-tenth the price of a typical Masters course. Learners get to work on a live, RIBA-structured BIM project and then get placement assistance to kickstart their BIM careers.

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