2018 ACSA Fall Conference: Monopoly

MONOPOLY (poly-opoly)

Disrupter: James Graham, Columbia University

A game driven by building and buying resources. Domination and wealth are the end goal. Sites in the city and their accompanying services operate as frameworks for the game. Early buying and selling habits along with (good) luck determine whether you win or lose.

How does the economy influence design and who gets to play? In turn, how does it impact the design of public space?
If ‘Starchitects’ dominate the architecture market, where does that leave the rest of us?
With finite resources (economic and natural), how do architects build a practice while maintaining a soul?
Are architects becoming developers for control or for money, or both?
Do architects create resources through design? Is that how we should define architectural research?
How do resource allocations impact design INSIDE not OUTSIDE the city? How do outsiders get their fair share of design?


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