2013 ACSA Administrators Conference: Widening the Pipeline to the Profession

Moderator: Corey Saft, University of Louisiana – Lafayette
Panelists: Mary Anne Akers, Morgan State University; Norman Millar, Woodbury University; Jill C Palmer-Wood, Hudson Valley Community College; Bartlomiej Sapeta, Keene State University; & Randy Steiner, Montgomery College

With growing pressures to minimize student debt, keep enrollments up, and expand the demographic and economic diversity of students joining the profession, community colleges have emerged as a key partner for architecture schools. Recognizing the key role community colleges will play in developing an equitable and diverse profession, how do accredited schools recognize the range of quality of architectural programs within community colleges and establish an efficient mechanism to transition these students into accredited programs?

Panelists discussed of ways that architecture programs work with community colleges. Panelists from a number of schools summarized their formal and informal relationships, and community college representatives discussed experiences in attracting, educating, and graduating students.


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