#2 Masaha: Climate Change in the Arab World: Yasser Elsheshtawy

In the second episode of the Climate Change in the Arab World mini-series, MARCH student Bisher Tabbaa speaks with GSAPP faculty Yasser Elsheshtawy about pandemic urbanism in Arab cities. While discussing deglobalization, decentralization, and humanization efforts, Elsheshtawy explains how policy making and urban design during the pandemic can act as an opportunity to tackle other grave issues such as climate change.

Masaha is a student association at GSAPP that investigates contemporary issues facing the Arab world. This mini-series consists of conversations with designers, practitioners, and scholars whose work responds to the issue of climate change, which is affecting populations worldwide with devastating impacts on the livelihoods and welfare of vulnerable communities. (This conversation was recorded remotely in April 2021.)

Source by Columbia GSAPP

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