158: Facilitating Successful Public-Private Partnerships with Simon Pitkeathley

This week, I’m speaking with Simon Pitkeathley.

Simon is the CEO of the business improvement district, Camden Town Unlimited and the Euston Town, as well as being the CEO of the Camden Collective and the Camden Highline.

He’s also the Co-chair of the Cross River Partnership and the Chair of Camden Giving.

Simon sites on the London Enterprise Action Partnership, otherwise known as LEAP, and is its Champion for Small Busines.

During the pandemic, Simon was seconded to the Mayor’s Covid Business Forum and the London Transition Board where he chaired the business reopening strategy group. He now sits on the London Recovery Board and is now leading the Camden Highline project since its inception in 2017.

In this conversation, Simon and I discuss what Camden Town Unlimited is, how it operates, how it aids and facilitates business growth and us, as architects role in placemaking, and how they are facilitating this project, Camden Highline.

Simon talks about how that operates, what the Camden Town Limited does, and how they interact and interface with the public, and also how they work with architects.


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