111: Planning Your Financial Future with Katie Nutting, Personal Wealth Advisor

“Can I afford my first house?”
“I want to change career how much do I need?”
“Can we afford to have children?”
“When can I retire and how much do I need as an income?”
“Can I afford to send my children to private school”
“How can I improve the income and capital I receive in retirement?”
“What type of protection will provide security for my family on death or illness”
“Can I make my personal situation and company more tax efficient?”

These are some major life questions that many people will ask themselves at some point and all have significant financial implications.

This week’s podcast is with Katie Nutting a Personal Wealth Advisor at Schroders Personal Wealth. Katie specialises in helping her clients answer these important question and how they can plan for them. Katie works with her client’s financial objectives to find the most effective, efficient and affordable way to accomplish their goals, and plan for the next stages in their life.

In this episode you will discover:

– What does hiring a financial planner involve and when should you use one
– What is a lasting power of attorney and why you should have one in place
– Why you need to have an exit strategy in place in your business


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Katie Nutting



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