100 Day Studio: Muslim Women in Architecture: – Majlis Conversations: Our Journeys

Day 95 of the 100 Day Studio: Personal narratives are powerful. Being able to relate to someone’s narrative is even more powerful. It brings out a sense of comradeship that sometimes, some of us are hard-pressed to find in this industry. With recent findings on the state of diversity in the industry, Muslim Women in Architecture believes speaking about our stories and being visible is important. We, Zahra Mansoor, Rim Kalsoum and Tahin Khan, will be in conversation with Sana Tabassum (To Scale), Hamza Shaikh (Two Worlds Design), Anjum Khan (Unit 06, UEL) Rayan Elnayal (David Morley Architects) and Tumpa Husna Yasmin (Fellows Mannan Foundation Trust and Our Building Design) to share their journeys as muslim women (+man) in the industry. How has their muslim identity affected journey so far? What kind of safe spaces existed for them to grow and get to where they are today?

The 100 Day Studio is a new series of online lectures, interviews, building tours and panel discussions, organised by The Architecture Foundation. For 100 weekdays from Monday April 6th 2020 to Thursday August 27th 2020, the 100 Day Studio will host many of best architects and architectural thinkers in the world, broadcast live and uploaded here on this channel. The curriculum for the week ahead will be announced each Friday at architecturefoundation.org.uk/news/100-day-studio

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