10 Things I Hate About Your SketchUp Model – Mike Tadros | 3D Basecamp 2018

There’s a wonderful sort of catharsis to be had when gathering together in a room full of peers to gripe about things that nobody else in your life understands. Like how, for the tenth time this week, someone sent you a SketchUp model that contained groups that so obviously should have been created as component instances.
Join Mike Tadros as he digs into his top 10 classic grievances pulled from his decades-long career as a SketchUp modeler and trainer. We’ll share some laughs while exploring tips and tricks designed to clean up your SketchUp models, more effectively collaborate with other people, and generally become the modeler that everyone loves to work with! You might even come away with some ways to help those ‘other jerks’ get their act together 😉


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