10 Genius Design Hacks in 10 Minutes 💥

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Edited by PJ Summers: https://www.1five.co.uk

📋 Timestamps

00:00 Intro
00:11 1 – Text Transformation (Adobe Illustrator)
00:40 2 – Morphing Text (Adobe Illustrator)
01:21 3 – Image Reverse Search (Google)
01:43 4 – Typographic Scale (Link below in the description)
02:02 5 – Masking Hair (Adobe Photoshop)
02:57 6 – Match Colour (Adobe Photoshop)
04:33 7 – Making Mockups with Smart Objects (Adobe Photoshop)
06:52 8 – Design Inspiration (Link below in the description)
07:18 9 – Grid Calculator (Link below in the description)
07:57 10 – A4D Brand Guidelines Template Vol 1 (Link below in the description)
09:19 Outro

🌐 Websites mentioned in today’s video:

Image Reverse Search: https://images.google.com/
Typographic Scale: https://type-scale.com/
Design Inspiration: https://www.designspiration.com/
Grid Calculator: http://gridcalculator.dk/
A4D Brand Guidelines Template (Vol 1): https://assets4d.com/products/brand-guidelines-template-vol1



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