🔴 Who Has Had The Biggest Impact & Influence On Your Thinking (Teacher, Mentor, Boss, or Coach)?

Who has shaped your world view? Who has been influential in your life? It could be a teacher, coach, mentor, boss, relative, friend, book, or video. The Futur team are going to share stories and discuss the impact that great teachers have had on their lives.

3:20 Molly’s Teacher: Teaching through song and mnemonic rhyme
5:25 Q: What there something about your teacher’s personality that connected with you?
6:39 Stewart: My boss was a role model in keeping my calm?
12:46 Q: What drove you to go do it, even though you were asked not to?
17:55 Getting chewed out: Giving a half effort on a job.
22:07 Implicit versus Explicit work ultimatums
25:50 Authority figures, mentors, and teachers can have huge impacts on our lives (negative or positive)
26:36 Sometimes hearing that something is not a good fit for you can be helpful
31:54 Learning by doing
34:00 Focus Worksheet – Holding yourself accountable to your goals
35:38 Holding myself to a higher standard – to not disappoint my teachers
37:30 Q: What if a boss asks for your opinion but never implements them?
40:55 Q: How do you get feedback, when the boss doesn’t give it?
45:11 Q: Is there value in the lifestyle aspect of Blind?
50:49 Q: What do you love the most about your job at TheFutur?
51:40 Q: 400 subscribers per day seems unrealistic
52:53 Hijack your mentors
55:30 Stewart: Being mentored by people from afar
1:01:14 Lassiter Gregg – understanding the psychology and systems of how things work.
1:07:22 Would you work for a client whose principles and beliefs you are against?
1:09:00 There are some issues that you draw a hard line on, while there are also gray areas.
1:10:18 Ethics issue: Someone asks you to do something shady like a kickback.
1:14:20 The decision to stick by your morals and your ethics comes at a cost.
1:15:57 Q: At what point in your career did you get a coach?

Show References

Roland is GOD – http://vimeo.com/11516546
Michael Beirut – Hijack Your Mentors
Simon Sinek – The Millennial Problem

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