🔴 Motion Design Critique— FaceBook Live, Youtube Live

Did you miss the live feed and opportunity to have your work reviewed by Chris Do, Matthew Encina and Ben Burns? You’re in luck. Sort of. Here’s the replay of the live event, where designers have their worked reviewed by professionals.

Interact and watch us in real time on the Futur’s live stream.


04:41 Ben: “The Filthy Five” – Overview
07:46 Chris’s Feedback
18:00 Josh: “Look At Me Now” – Overview
21:30 Chris’s Feedback
26:39 Matthew’s Feedback
31:00 Q: Any tips on gaining experience in motion design if you’re lacking opportunities?
35:10 Q: What tools do you use create motion design?
38:45 Q: How can motion graphics improve a logo presentation?
45:40 Veniel: “Mt. David” Logo Reveal – Critique
47:15 Chris’s Feedback #complove
55:08 Q: What are some good resources to learn design
58:45 Q: What is generative motion graphics?
01:01:52 Q: Do you have advice for someone to make a showreel of varying work?
01:02:20 Matthew’s Answer
01:03:40 Chris’s Answer
01:07:30 David: Premium Beat Boards
01:11:16 Chris’s Feedback
01:18:36 Q: Is it a good idea to pay salaried employees overtime?
01:23:32 Q: Can we see some real time client projects?
01:26:01 Q: How do you feel about unpaid internship?
01:29:23 Omer: Showreel – Overview
01:31:10 Chris’s Feedback
01:37:09 How to get your work submitted for the next live critique
01:38:30 Meet Hello Fresh / TheFutur Podcast Information

Key Takeaways:

(Matthew) Whenever I review someone’s work, I ask:
— What are the goals of this design project?
— What specifically would you like for the review to be focused on?
The tools that you use do not make you a great creator. There is no magic bullet.
The number one thing that you are selling is trust/security.
Tell people upfront what part of the work you’ve contributed to in your showreels.
People are looking for meaning and patterns in your showreels and portfolios.
If you want to be well known, do one thing very well.

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