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Have you ever jumped on a call with a client, only to get steamrolled into talking about something other than your agenda? Have you suffered through bumpy creative briefs, fumbled through feedback, and walked away unclear on the next steps?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this #futurLIVE event is for you. Matthew and Ben walk you through the framework we use for every client call. Stop spinning your wheels, and start having productive meetings!


05:50 How to run a better call meeting
06:07 Client call outline
07:05 Be present. Listen
08:10 You’re there to genuinely help them solve a problem.
08:30 Keep your emotions out and focus on the results.
09:24 Introduction: Who’s who in the room? What’s their role in the project?
10:52 Timebox: How long do you have to speak with us today?
12:16 Agenda: What do we / they need out of the call?
12:52 Goals: What is the business goal for this? What is the user/customer goal when they view/use/access this?
15:21 Ask clarifying questions: What does _____ mean/look/sound like to you?
17:40 Roleplay: Asking clarifying questions
25:03 Why you want to ask clarifying questions
27:07 Q: What do you do if you get mixed feedback from two people in a company?
29:04 Q: Should you ask about the budget before your hear about the project?
30:00 Talk Price Range: Minimum Engagement Level Question
31:08 Q: What are the most relevant questions to ask to figure out what the client wants?
33:36 Q: When you discussed pulling samples for the client to view, what did you mean?
35:30 Q: Should we follow-up our call with an email for a black and white record?
36:49 Q: When you talk about money upfront doesn’t it give a greedy impression to your client?
37:55 Q: How do you deal with a client that does not know what they want?
40:52 Q: How do deal with clients that want to build a long-term relationship with you?
44:51 Q: How do you handle team members that are pushing their design vision/agenda on clients?
46:40 Q: How do you walk away from a job graciously?
50:40 If you’re willing to do free work, work on your dream projects, instead of free client work.
52:34 Say no often so you can make space for yes.
53:25 Q: How do you push your client to take more risks, to prevent it from becoming stale?
55:33 Q: I’m not sure a client can pay my rate for logos, but they have a good idea for the logo. What should I do?
58:33 Q: What do you when your client likes to micro-manage?
1:00:35 Q: How do you reject a client that has a low budget in a way that they will come back?
1:04:07 Resources
1:08:03 Q: How do you get notified of calls, topics, and events?



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